In addition to the Fivesquared Vibration monitoring system, we offer a number of products to further enhance your company’s health and safety management.


TOOLMINDER is a piece of software from Earlsmere Limited that can supply a complete asset management system to organizations required to regularly assess the condition of operational equipment, either by health and safety regulations or for identification and asset management purposes.

Our software has been carefully designed to provide a core system to deliver key functionality that benefits all users. If you are looking for a system to provide detailed safety data, add value to your usual products and services, deliver a better experience to your customers whilst providing further protection and care to your workforce then the heart of TOOLMINDER is right for you. Tracking your assets goes without saying. If your business requires more, then we aim for it to be available from our growing range of options.

With a team of dedicated developers and staff that have built TOOLMINDER from the ground up, we have a team of people that don’t just know the software but also the industries that benefit from it the most. This dedication and expertise means our support is always of the highest quality, ensuring that when you purchase our software you are not just buying a product, but a continuing service that can help you make the most of your health and safety management system.

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Handy Tag

Handy Tag, Earlsmere’s range of resilient asset tags are ideal for any company looking to improve risk identification and general health and safety in the workplace.