Tool Service and Repair

Tool and Equipment Service and Repair

The key to keeping tool costs low, productivity high and tool safety at a maximum is regular tool maintenance.

Through regular tool maintenance and servicing of power tools and electrical tools optimum operating efficiency can be achieved at all times.

Regular servicing and maintenance is also proven to reduce vibration levels.

Our experienced technicians receive ongoing specialist manufacturer training in an extensive range of tools, plant and equipment. We also have the facility to call on the manufacturers for there expertise and guidance.

At Fivesquared we understand that controlling costs is imperative which is why we offer a wide range of tool, plant and equipment servicing and repair options to suit all budgets. Not only o we offer options to suit all budgets our tool, plant and equipment maintenance repair and administration programs can be tailored to suit your needs and requirements.

Whichever tool, plant and machinery service and maintenance options you require our expertise, excellent levels of service and flexibility remain the same.

We are more than happy to discuss appropriate options for your requirements for example we can quote on individual assets or all tool assets at a fixed monthly or annual charge.

Tool Service Excellence

Here at Fivesquared we are devoted to providing the best tool service, maintenance and repair.

Our clients inform us of the level of tool plant and equipment service required, which we respond to accordingly.

If a client wishes to keep downtime at an absolute minimum we can offer a range of loan replacement tools.

Full Tool Service History

All our tool, plant and equipment repairs and servicing follow a strict thorough monitored procedure and thanks to sophisticated tool service systems every tool has a fully traceable history. This approach ensures quality control at all stages. It also allows for us to have your tools working again quicker than ever, wherever you are in the UK.