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This week Earlsmere took on their youngest employee, Jack, who came to us from Barnsley Academy to complete his 1 week work experience. Here’s what he had to say about his time spent with Jeremy, Jon and Teresa in the Fivesquared Hand Arm and Whole Body vibration testing department.

I started my work experience at Earlsmere Limited on Monday 16th of March, working with the Fivesquared division of Earlsmere’s which is at the forefront of vibration testing and vibration management solutions both in the UK and Europe. I worked with the planning department that arranges the testing of tools and the training of staff nationally and internationally, as well as working at a number of off-shore facilities such as the BG Group, Centrica and Rowan Drilling oil platforms in the North Sea. Firstly, I was working with Jon Loy and aided in the quality checking of the reports and was shown how they go about improving their reports regularly with a quarterly review which was due at the time. We also looked at Toolminder and the role it plays in the reporting process including the inputting of data from the onsite testing of hand arm vibration, whole body vibration and noise results from tools and equipment tested in real working conditions at sites throughout the UK. I also worked with Teresa in the planning and scheduling of testing and training sessions. I got to work on a number of projects, such as the current testing which was taking place at Trinity College in Cambridge, Nottingham City Council, Mabey Hire and the Gulf Marine Services Oil Platforms in the North Sea.
Overall I have really enjoyed my time in the vibration department, I have seen first-hand how quickly you have to react to planning and job changes in order to make sure you have engineers in the right places at the right times in order to meet with all the customers needs.

Jack will be spending a day with each department in Earlsmere, doing tag and label printing, working with Director Robert Davies in our R&D department, and Ian Sayles in TOOLMINDER software development.

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